Co-founder: Ge Li (San Francisco, US) &  Xiao Jiang (HongKong, China)

President: Ge Li (San Francisco, US)

Vice President: HaoFei Wang(Indiana, US) & Canny Huang (New York, US)


US events planning committee:

Head: Yunpu Li(New York, US) & Ning Ning (Berkely, CA)
IT team: Peter Liu  (New York, US) & Zhan Zhang (San Francisco, US)

Treasurers: Chyanne Chen (San Francisco,US)

Secretary: Boyue Jia (New York, US)

Culture exchange program coordinator: Mann Lee (San Francisco, US), Jun Ren (Beijing, China)



Joey Wu (San Francisco, US), Mia Li ( New York, US), Anna Cheung (Hong Kong, China)



Social Service:

Susan Wang(New York, US), LMSW
YuChun Poon(New York, US), MSW
Gao, Qin, (New York, US) Social Work Professor
Mental Health:

Huilin Wen(New York, US), LCSW
Tracy Lou (New York, US), MSW, Director of Asian Lifenet Outreach & Public Education of NYC mental health Association
Yang Mei(New York, US), Mental health outreach specialist

ChingLien Wen(New York, US), NYC and NYS teacher license certification advisor
Carlo Wei(New York, US), Special education teacher


XiaoPing Qu(New York, US), TV reporter
Hubert Lu (New York, US), News paper reporter


Cathy Qiu(New York, US), Risk management specialist
Lin Sun(Georgia, US), CPA


Jing An (Beijing, China), Researcher


Steven Situ (New York, US), Computer Engineering


Shaoyun Xu (Hong Kong, China), Attorney licensed in NY state

Membership Recruiting Guidelines (Draft)

  1. All members of COCS are encouraged to recruit new members.
  2. The candidates for membership shall support the mission of COCS, agree to be bound by its Charter and By-laws and be willing to support and contribute to COCS's growth. Membership is not restricted to any professions or geographic areas.
  3. To apply for the membership, a candidate should fill the application form (download) and submit it to the designated officer of COCS througth
  4. The designated officer of COCS should email all board member any application received. The membership shall be regarded as approved if no objection is received from any board members within the designated time.
  5. 5. In the event of any objections from any member, the Council shall discuss the issues raised by the objecting member and vote again if necessary.
  6. The members are not required but encourage to participate in the management of COCS including organizing events, fundraising, web maintenance and other functions.
  7. The membership is free for the time being.

Art Designer: Shongping Yu (Los Angeles, US)